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  • Happy Bears Day!
    2019. 02. 21.


    Thank you for joining the first Happy Bears Day international event.

    This day mainly focuses on all the different species of bears.

    Some educational suggestions and ideas:

    This is a good opportunity to collect donations from the public, including financial donations. ( Any extra financial donations would  further any in-situ conservation programs).

    If you have the opportunity, you could do some fund raising for the in-situ programmes that take place in different locations around the world. For example, you could ask for one euro per visitor.

    - You could sell any souvenirs that are connected with bears e.g keyrings, mugs or t-shirts


    - Sell cookies, cakes or muffins that are designed to look like a bear.

    - You could sell the Nyiregyhaza Zoo’s Bear Book which was designed for children – and  is available  in English and Hungarian in book form, or as an electriconic copy in German and Czech. However,  if required, it can be printed in these languages too. The price of the book is 6 euros but obviously you can sell it for a higher price if you wish and the surplus could go towards the in-situ conservation programs.

    Programs – the sky is the limit! You can have all sorts, the followings are just a few ideas that we came up with.

    - Teddy bear beauty contest

    - Reading of any poem about bears or it can be any famous quotes about bears.  

    - Quizzes about bears for different age groups ( for the little ones it could be as simple as : how many famous animated bear characters do you know ? e.g Winnie the Pooh, Mr Bean’s Teddy Bear or Yogi Bear)

    - Educational talk and bear feeding at the bear enclosures ( different rewards could be given to the bears after the talk so that the bears can enjoy it too).

    - You can invite local bee keepers who could offer  their products to the public.

    - You could invite local professionals who could talk about all the wild bears that are native to your country.

    - Face painting or craft corner where the visitors could make different bear objects. You can find further ideas for craft corners if you click on the link below

    - https://hu.pinterest.com/lizagyongy/bark%C3%A1csol%C3%A1s-gyerekekkel-medve-nap/


    You can make different enrichment items for the bears that live within your zoo, for example, creating a hive-shaped piñata.

    - We are going to send you soon short films of these in-situ programs that you could play for the visitors.

    - Try to involve nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools that would happily participate in this special “bear day”. They could have a craft session where they would build different bear shaped items such as “bear ear headbands” and “bear footprints” made out of plaster.

    - You could invite creative artists who could sing different songs, tell stories or recite different poems about bears.

    - You could also do a public post before the event asking visitors to draw a picture or take a really good photo of the bears at your zoo. The best ones could then be placed around the zoo for other visitors to see. 


    Join the EAZA BEAR TAG official Facebook page where you can be notified about all the new information. This is where you can also download the event’s official logo, other educational elements and  the event’s official blank poster so you can design your own with the chosen programms. Dont be afraid to download it!

    Do not forget to take photos of the event and share them on social media using the following hash tags, #happybearsday #eazabeartag .

    From the following link, you can download the official logos of the event and a blank poster so that you can design your own, with the chosen programs.


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    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to message me.


    Remy and Zsuzsa

    More info:

    To participate in this day, contact us by email at

    Rémy GAILLOT remy@parcanimalierdauvergne.fr or

    Zsuzsa PETRÓ education@sostozoo.hu