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  • Nyíregyháza lions are traveling to Israel
    2019. 01. 30.

     Nyíregyháza lions are traveling to Israel

    The popular white lion triplets’s pictures spreaded in the world press, so this is how the Israeli co-workers got information about the cubs.

    The Beer-Sheba Zoo got in contact with the Nyíregyháza Zoo in January 2018 and after the positive negotiations they started to build their new enclosure for their desired cats.

    Now the 2 years old animals, Marcus the male and his sisters Flóra and Fauna are leaving their hometown (Nyíregyháza), almost after 20 hours of traveling – which is on the ground and in the air – the cats will arrive to their new home, in the Negev Zoo. The Israeli co-workers will accompany the white lion triplets, who arrived before the transport to get to know the cats and to consult with the professionals of the Nyíregyháza Zoo.