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  • Renewed Mediterranean garden and Lemur forest
    2016. 06. 19.


    A new spectacle in Sóstó Zoo


    From 20 June 2016, visitors can enter the renewed lemur forest where new curiosities, the Mayotte monkeys can be seen.

    The biggest fascination of Sóstó Zoo may be that animals of the World are exhibited in natural enclosures within an oak forest. Besides the special programs like seal and parrot show, the lemur forest is attended the most where brave visitors can have a walk among prosimians.

    In addition to the lemur forest of the Tarzan trail where ring-tailed lemurs known from the film Madagascar can be visited, the older monkey forest was rebuilt and altered this year in a way that primate lovers can get to know the brown-furred Mayotte lemurs.

    The scientific name of the species (Lemur fulvus mayottensis) tells a lot since they are named mayottensis after their natural habitat at the Mayotte island situated at about 400 kilometres from Madagascar. The genus name, lemur, is from the Latin word lemurs meaning “spirits of the dead” because the first European discoverers thought them and the other lemurs to be ghosts hearing only their loud calls and seeing their yellow eyes in the darkness of the forest. Lemurs are real acrobats, they move among tree branches easily not being afraid of getting from one tree to another by big jumps. They feed primarily on fruits but sometimes eat flowers, nectars, leaves and seeds. The breeding group which is the only one in the country is really successful. A baby was born again last year with whom the group number increased to six.

    The specialty of the rebuilt forest is that monkeys live together with big terrestrial reptiles, the African Sulcata Tortoises. In addition, the biggest terrestrial mammals of the world, African elephants can be seen by looking out from the forest to the neighbouring enclosure where the youngest member of the elephant group, Kito celebrates its first birthday this week.

    The forest can be approached from the Tropical house passing by the palm trees of the also renewed Mediterranean garden where the special pomegranate, the currently yielding citrus plants like citron, orange and mandarin and also bougainvillea and Chinese oleander can be observed.