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  • The Bear Book
    2018. 11. 19.


    The Nyíregyháza Zoo’s first informative storybook is already available, The Bear Book!

    The book tells a story about a brave girl’s adventure which along the reader can get to know the different species of bears.

    Have you heard about the sloth bear or the American black bear? Did you know that the bears don’t have mustache? Or did you know that the new borns of the polar bears as small as a guinea pig?

    Read Lizi’s story and you can find out how many special bears live in the World!

    In this storybook which was written for primary school’s students the children not only can read about the 8 bear species of the world, but also they can learn about the bear’s nature in a playful way. The two authors of the book are Zsuzsa  Petró the Nyíregyháza Zoo’s education department leader, and Noémi Soós the Nyíregyháza Zoo’s graphic artist.

    The captivating and happy illustrations are perfectly complete the special story. The 44 pages book is available at the Nyíregyháza Zoo’s cash desk for 1.450 HUF and also can be sent by mail with the current postage fees. Part of The book of bears’s income the Nyíregyháza Zoo would like to spend that money for helping the observation of the brown bears.