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  • Fiete, the new polar bear boy has arrived.
    2016. 11. 16.

     The newest polar bear of Sóstó Zoo can already be seen by the general public. The two years old male was born in Rostock Zoo and lived there with his mother until now. Within the framework of the European Endangered Species Programme, he has been transported to Nyíregyháza for breeding. He came to be the pair of the older female living there.

    Four colleagues of Sóstó Zoo travelled to bring the young, big bear who has a weight of 250 kilograms and can reach 7-800 kilograms for its adulthood.

    In North Germany, the keepers from Nyíregyháza were informed about habits and favourite snacks of the male animal. They also discussed with the German colleagues how the animal could be accustomed to its new home without any problem.

    Although living here only for a few days yet, it can be seen that Fiete feels happy in the zoo of the Szabolcs County capital. He is very active, swims and plays a lot and is getting to be acquainted with the female polar bear from a distance.

    There is a special attention given to polar bears by the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) which moves the bears between the zoos within the framework of an international breeding program. The zoo population of polar bears has an important role in the survival of the species. There are 122 polar bears living in European zoos and so in Nyíregyháza which is the only zoo in Hungary keeping polar bears. Sóstó Zoo would like to rebuilt the present enclosure which includes two outside enclosures, a pool of 400 m3 and an air-conditioned cave. By this reconstruction, a new arctic exhibition which will be unique in Europe is planned to be accomplished.

    The two animals are accustomed to each other gradually and after the acquaintance period they can be together in the large breeding enclosure. According to plans, a new young female will join them within a few months.