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  • Rare anilope was born in our zoo.
    2016. 03. 24.

     Rare antelope was born in the enclosure of the African exhibit of Sóstó Zoo. The small calf was born yesterday and a few hours later it was already standing on its own legs.

    The gemsbok (Oryx gazella) breeding pair living in the park since 2009 is really successful in reproduction since a calf was already born in 2013. Now a healthy offspring was born again after 8,5 months of pregnancy. For today, 4 gemsboks are living in the Tarzan trail of Sóstó Zoo which is the only zoo in Hungary exhibiting this rare animal species.

    The gemsbok is native to South-Africa and it is the largest among Oryx species. The bull’s weight can be even 240 kilograms. Their main characteristic is the black marking on their white face. This is becoming more and more apparent for the small calf also who will have the same design as the adults for the age of 6 months. At present, its fur is yet in sand colour which helps camouflage. In its first few weeks, the calf is hidden and cared for very attentively by its mother who nurses it every day.

    Gemsboks live in migrating herds on huge grassland areas. They feed on grasses, shrubs and forbs but are fond of tubers as well.

    They can find the smallest water source by smell, dig juicy roots from the soil or forage for soil water in dry riverbeds. Since their food has a low nutrient value, they have to graze whole day. Horns of the male are thicker but shorter than of the females. Male’s horns are 100 centimetres long while of the females can be even 120 centimetres. The mothers use their horn to protect their calves while the bulls use them for fight with each other.

    Their survival is threatened because their magnificent horns and coat which are desired by trophy hunters.