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  • Crested porcupine baby was born in Sóstó Zoo
    2016. 04. 11.

     Crested porcupine baby was born in Sóstó Zoo

    The number of the group increased to 5 with the baby


    The most conspicuous characteristic of this animal living in Africa and Southern-Europe is the mass of black and white spins, called quills, covering the back and upper side of the body. These modified hairs are very effective if the animal is attacked. Feeling threatened, the porcupine will erect the quills and rattles them loudly. If the danger does not cease, it will charge backward into its offender. When the large, sometimes even 54 centimetres long quills will be stuck in the enemy they will separate from the porcupine’s skin.

    The four matured porcupines and the baby who live in the park are nocturnal animals. They forage for food alone but like to have company as well resting always together during the daytime.

    The small porcupette of Sóstó Zoo was born after 105 days of pregnancy with hairy coat. Its quills were very soft, hardening during the next few hours. The mother nurses its baby from her nipples which are rather at the side of her body so the infant would not be hurt by the quills. After a few weeks, the young eats solid food also which are tubes, roots, fruits and bugs but in addition will be breastfed for more weeks.

    Pictures of the baby porcupine can be seen on the park’s facebook site.