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  • Please welcome the youngest member of our giraffe family
    2018. 03. 13.

     Please welcome the youngest member of our giraffe family


    Mother Nature was gracious to the residents of our Tarzan Trail, the enclosure introducing the habitat of Africa to our visitors, as the five-member giraffe family welcomed its newest addition.

    The calf was born happy and healthy after 450 days of gestation and at present is living with its mother, however, it will be introduced to the other members of the group in a few days.

    At present, there are 3 adult females (Bogi, Laura, Vanessa), a bull (Árpi) and two young giraffes– Kamilla, the 3.5 year old female and the new-born calf – living in Nyiregyhaza Zoo.

    After the birth of the young calf we were worried, since Laura, the 9 year-old giraffe mommy neglected her first baby, Kamilla 3.5 years ago, who was fed by her keepers in the first few months. Luckily, Laura has changed and grew up to her task and has been a loving and caring mother from the very first moment. The 180 centimetre tall and 70 kilograms weight calf is currently breastfed by its mother and will be introduced to fibrous fodder at the age of 6 months, yet, breast milk will remain part of its diet until the age of 12-16 months.

    According to their pattern and habitat in Africa, there are nine subspecies of giraffes acknowledged at present. In Nyiregyhaza Zoo you can find Rothschild’s giraffes, who share their enclosure with other ungulates, such as Grevy zebras and several unique antelope species.

    Rothschild’s giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) were named after the prominent banker, Walter Rothschild (1868 – 1937), who was also an acknowledged zoologist. These animals are originally native in Uganda, Kenya and South-Sudan, hence they are often referred to as Uganda giraffes. They are endangered ungulates, as there are less than 700 individuals living in the wild. There are around 450 Rothschild’s giraffes kept in zoos worldwide, from which 6 resides here at Nyiregyhaza Zoo. The new-born calf is the eights giraffe born in Nyiregyhaza.