• Informations

The visitors of the Nyíregyháza Zoo are allowed to take pictures and make videos for private use in the public areas of the Nyíregyháza Zoo.

It is strictly forbidden to fly drones or make pictures or videos from any equipment mounted on a drone in the area of the Nyíregyháza Zoo and above it, or to reach into the enclosures of the animals by any means (e.g. selfie sticks) because of the high risk of accidents!

The non-private, especially the commercial and business use of the pictures/videos made in the area of the Zoo is only allowed with the written permission of the Zoo.

During the own documentation activities of the Zoo, and during the press work performed with the permission of the Zoo, pictures and videos may be taken in which also the visitors of the Zoo might be seen.

For such pictures and videos, the Visitor accepts by buying the admission ticket and/or receiving the free admission ticket that if at least two other persons are seen on a picture and/or video, it is considered a mass picture or video, and, if a Zoo animal, plant, or Zoo building or facility can also be clearly recognized on the picture in addition to the Visitor, the picture is not considered a portrait, but a Zoo picture or panorama, and the Visitor cannot make any claims for any rights connected to the picture’s taking or use.

For the visitors who do not want to be recognizable on any mass picture or Zoo panorama image/ video, the Zoo will not make any such pictures/ videos if the Visitor indicates such a request at the main entrance, at the beginning of the visit.