• Carpathian Basin

European animals and Farm life

Sóstó Zoo displays the fauna of the Carpathian Basin from its beginnings, since the institution was established with these species. Here you cannot only explore the animals that used to live in the region, but also the relationship and the connection between humans and animals, the tools and weapons of hunting nomads and the habits of those Hungarians who conquered the Carpathian Basin. Visitors can enjoy the sight of the Bear Forest situated in an area of nearly one hectare, the natural enclosure is currently occupied by a pair of brown bears.

The Hungarian Farmyard exhibits those domestic animals, which used to and still surround people. Farm utensils are also to be seen here, and visitors can even have a look at goat milking or chicken feeding. Such specialities can be found during a walk in the yard as the swallow-bellied mangalica, the racka sheep or the Hungarian grey cow.  

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