• Species: Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)
  • Offspring: 1
  • Habitats: America
  • Anteater

The shape of its body, the huge broom-like tail and the special long-shaped skull makes ​​unique of it. There are no teeth in its elongated jaws, instead of long, up to 60 cm extensible tongue rapidly catches the termites, in a few minutes up to several hundred as well. Its tongue covered with small spines, and the animal is able to get into an ant-meatus for about 60 cm depth.

There are 5-5 fingers on its front legs. There were grown on its second and third fingers a strong claws, these are used for defense and digging out an anthill with. During walking it protects them by bending them under its soles and relies on its "wrist."

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