• Zoo-School Educational Centre

Nature conservation education, endangered species conservation and conservation research are highlighted areas of our Zoo’s mission. During the activities of our educational centre visitors get acquainted with species conservation and rescue programmes and the reintroduction opportunities of zoo specimens. Our Zoo wishes to increase the number of those who take responsibility for species and nature conservation and contribute the conservation of species and biodiversity with their active participation. The location of zoo education is the Zoo-School Educational Centre, where we help to discover the miracles of nature with a wide range of demonstration aids, theoretically and practically highly educated zoological professionals and exciting, varied programmes.

Summer camp
Our students get to know nature through the acquisition of first-hand experiences, with the leading of qualified teachers. Zoo school summer camp students participate in taking care of the animals and feeding them, cleaning the animal houses and maintaining the beauty and the cleanness of the Zoo.

Outstanding nature conservation days
We welcome the students of our partner schools with interesting lectures, feeding shows and animal shows on Earth Day, Birds’ and Trees’ Day and World Animal Day.

Forest School
The Forest School is a programme that is organized for more days and is connected to the syllabus. The programmes are arranged according to seasons and age groups based on age characteristics, and is available for primary and secondary school students of 6-18 years. Accommodation for the students is provided in the own hotel of the Zoo, which is an additional special experience for the children. The Forest School provides the opportunity to put into practice what students learn at school, within the confines of classroom activities in the educational centre, forest trips and Botanical Garden and Sóstó Zoo adventures.