2018. 06. 18.

 Zoo summer camp in SóstóZoo Hungary


The Sóstó Zoo in Hungary, which nestles in a native oak forest, offers excellent opportunities for studying as it not only present the fauna of Hungary but also the entire world, and thus provides a great variety of subjects to choose from.

What we offer is an engaging combination of learning, entertainment, adventure and variety.

Visitors can go on a tour around the Earth and observe how the 5000 animals live in different habitats all around the world.

From middle of June we can start our summer camp: The camp participants (weekly 200 students) get insight of the life in the ZOO and how animals have to be kept and taken care of. They can stroke some animals and watch the newborns.

At the Zoo School, children have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in their schools.

A programme organized by zooeducators, who work in close cooperation with the Zoo's staff, feature classroom activities, hiking, and visits the „zoo continent”.

Not only the zooeducators are involved in the project, but student -teachers from the local University. They monitor the  spring education programs during the course of that and later during the course of the summer camps they what they learnt they have a change to put in to practice.  Our programs provide them a great opportunity to gain pedagogical experience.

Local secondary school students volunteer these programs, too.

During the course of the one week summer camp, we  have 10 respective programs running on, at the same time—( the campers participate 2 programs/ day -every day . )

The secret of our method is acquisition of first-hand experiences in a playful manner.