Vietnamese sika deer which has already been extinct in the wild was born
2018. 07. 19.

 Vietnamese sika deer (Cervus nippon pseudaxis) which have already been extinct in the wild were born at Nyíregyháza Zoo. The group has one hart and three hind – only can be seen in Hungary – which came to Nyíregyháza from Polish and Czech zoos in the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) in 2017. This species are very shy, so professionals put the rare ungulates into a quiet, woody enclosure where newborns were brought to life this year. The calves were born after 7,5 months of pregnancy with a few weeks of difference and besides the breast milk they are already consuming hay.

The Vietnamese sika deers extinct in 1960 because of poaching and the destruction of their natural habitat. Nowadays they can be only seen at nature reserves and zoos. The rare Vietnamese sika deers like the thick undergrowth woodlands where open areas can be found. They are the most active at dawn and in twilight.

In the summer their fur is russet and two sides of their body is covered with yellowish-white spots, which provide them the perfect camouflage when they are grazing in a sparse forest.

In the winter time when the vegetation is sparse the deer’s fur turns into greyish-brown and the color of the spots fade. Currently 370 specimen are being held in nature reserves and zoos.