Happy Bears Day 2020
2020. 04. 20.

Thank you for joining the second Happy Bears' Day international event.

 The Bear Taxon Advisory Group of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is the second to organize the Happy Bears Day program in 2020.

Join the International Virtual Bear Day for Happy Bear Days on May 10, 2020.

On this day, the bears play the main role.  

The aim of the thematic day is for children and adults to learn as much as possible about the bear species in the world.  

Everyone has heard of polar bears, brown bears, or giant pandas, but few people know that 8 bear species exist in the world.  

On Happy Bears’ Day, visitors can virtually get to know the bears.  

Some ideas on how you can celebrate this day:

Organize live check-ins where followers can see the bears living in the zoo through social media.

Make a video of the bears ’everyday lives or tell them about their wildmate breeds and the dangers that threaten them. Make enrichment tools for bears to make this day special for them too.

Advertise a children’s drawing competition, or online contest, a poem reading event, or photo competition where the main role belongs to, of course, the bears.

Organize a musical or poetic program where performers perform songs, poems or tell stories about the bears.

Present craft ideas where everyone can create their favorite bear species at home 

Join the official Facebook page of EAZA BEAR TAG, where you can be informed about the latest information. 

On this webpage, you can download the official logos, an editable poster where you can add your own programs and countless creative ideas. 

Don't forget to include #happybearsday #eazabeartag in your events. 

Leverage the cohesive power of community and the benefits of social media!

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