Sóstó Zoo’s app
2019. 11. 04.

From today in the spirit of the environmental awareness the visitors of the Nyíregyháza Zoo can use our digital zoo map.

Our goal is to use as less paper as we can because yearly there are more than half a million visitors arrive to our zoo, and based on our experience the printed maps after a few hours of using land in the trash…

Moreover thanks to the development, users can get lots of information.

A few information about the development:

The ’SÓSTÓ ZOO’ free application is available for IOS and Android systems and after downloading it we don’t need internet connection. It shows us our location based on GPS, so we can plan our trip beforehand which species we would like to see.

Besides the enclosures and animal houses, of course the app shows the toilets, the changing rooms and the restaurants also we can check the time of the feeding shows.

Next to the map function we can read informations about the animals in Hungarian and English.

After using the application it’s good to keep it because we can get notifications about the most important news of the zoo.

Thank you for Zsolt Jakab and the group of the Camelot Plaza for making the application because with their help we save lots of trees’s life as a result of that we will use less paper!