Three white lion (Panthera leo krugeri) cubs were born in our Zoo.
2020. 07. 31.

Three white lions (Panthera leo krugeri) cubs were born in Sóstó Zoo. The cubs were approximately one and a half kilograms at birth each, all still feeding on breast milk and growing nicely.

Binti, the seven-year-old mother from the Czech Republic and her seven-year-old partner, Inkosi, who previously lived in a Dutch zoo, have been forming a partnership in the Nyíregyháza Zoo since 2015. Their babies can already be seen by the luckiest visitors, sometimes they venture out into the outer catwalk. 

The four-week-old female cubs were first examined by zoo veterinarian on Monday.

The doctors have weighed them and given them an anthelmintic and a vaccine. The smallest cub weighed four kgs and the largest was over five kilograms. 

White lions have been born several times in the Sóstó Zoo. Altogether, six lions live in our park.

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